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How to apply for a design job: 10 essential tips.

Our Managing Creative Director, Pedro Gomes, was at ENED - Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Design with a very important message - “How to never apply to a design studio” - for all the design students and enthusiasts.

During his talk, he pointed out 10 tips to raise your application success when applying for a design job.

So, here are the first 5 tips when you are applying to a design job. But if you want you can download all right now:

Download the 10 tips

1. Apply like you are giving a sh#t;

Make sure you apply to something you really care. Love everything you do in life, and life will give back to you.

2. Read the application ad before you apply;

Seriously! Read what you apply to, before you do it. It’s sends the wrong message about you and your work when you apply totally out of context.

3. F#ck CV's. Focus on your portfolio;

Your portfolio is your passport - it’s what recruiters will use to filter applications. Make sure you never send an application without your portfolio and work hard to take it to the next level.

4. Do more than just a f#cking email;

If you studied years to be the best creative, is an email all you can do? Come on, go wild and get the creativity juice flowing and make your application stand out.

5. It's all about people, so always tell your story;

It’s always about working with people, not portfolios. Make sure you present yourself. What drives you, what you are passionate about and what makes you a great asset to your dream company. Make them understand what’s really unique about you!

If you are looking for the next tips we’ve put together a document with all 10 essential tips that will help you reach your next challenge!
Download the 10 tips


It’s time to get really creative when using these tips. The competition is hard and your future is in your hands. Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.

Last but not least, we are always looking for talented and passionated people. Let’s us know if you want work with us. Let's Talk


Check how it all started:

Reflection on how creatives & designers apply to design jobs.

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May 8, 2017 at 5:42 pm

hello pedro

that’s a great topic. such a great help for designers. most of your points seem so obvious, but it is astounding what people actually do send out. all super valid points.

some other things that could be in that list (but it would get too long ;):
_personally i prefer a real physical portfolio, next up is a PDF. Online portfolios mostly suck. (i got to bookmark them? create my own pdf? )
_be consistent, yes a cv i almost never read, but if you sent one, include it in the pdf, do not sent a microsoft word file!
_juniors, yes – show your design path
_seniors, a little different, less process more connected thinking
_and less is more, explain portfolio in one sentence (headline?) don’t let me guess what it is all about.
_never ever show bad work, it drags down your good ones
_be positively active, follow up on your application (nicely)
_if rejected, ask an honest question: “please explain why. happy for an honest answer” depending on who you write to – you really might get that super helpful answer .

good stuff – speak later

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