Tattoo Power Supply at the right fit.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Portugal, COMPAKT is the first case study of an End-to-End close collaboration that seamlessly merges research, strategy, design, manufacturing & successful market implementation.

Research, Strategy, Product Design, Product Development, Manufacturing, Management, Market Implementation.


“Developing a cost-effective, consumer focused tattoot power supply that is able to answer basic principles of usability, simplify existing interactions and pack it in a user friendly, portable form factor.”

Fully machined aluminum body.


Clear, bold design language highlights function and informs interaction.


Simplified interaction through a
single input interface.

All interation affordances are managed through 1 single input inferface - the Knob - it turns the device on/off, activates, edit and saves up to 4 different pre-sets speeds.Through a simple interaction, it can also activate a continuous mode, removing the need of an external footswitch.


Re-engineered from the ground up.

A completely redesigned board architecture
established a performance substantially above the
industry standards.


Long-lasting performance.

An input and output over voltage circuit blocks
any excess voltage to ever be transmitted to the device.

Magnetic Convenience

COMPAKT’s magnetic feet allows
a convenient workflow flexibility.


“_The narrative from which the product was designed was defined by a set of clear problems informed by an integrated strategic design research; Obsessively focused on bringing the most value at the lowest possible cost.”

Made from the people

Loved by the People


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