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With an ongoing collaboration we have been designing a premium UX for Artnovion.  We are proud to present Impulso, Artnovion's first app for high accuracy acoustic reading.


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Impulso is an app engineered by Artnovion that allows measuring room acoustics. It allows you to measure the acoustic response of your room using your iPhone.

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Simple & Clean

You can view the reverberation time (RT) in octave bands and then simulate how the acoustic response of your room is improved when adding Artnovion acoustic products. You can also check the frequency response of your measurement. It is compatible with built-in or external microphones.

Easy to use


Impulso is also perfect for acoustic enthusiasts recommending the best product for your space.

Designed for enthusiasts

For optimal measurements we recommend the use of an external full range speaker and measurement grade microphone connected to the headphone/microphone socket of the iPhone (Bluetooth and WiFi connections are being developed for a future update).


Please note that if you are connecting to an external speaker, but not an external microphone, the internal microphone will be used for the measurement, provided you have the appropriate cable without a microphone connection.

Useful information

Can not only provide useful information to the company but also grants a discount to connect with clients.


The app logo is based on reverberation time.

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