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Behind the Scenes | Alegro Setúbal

Behind the Scenes - Alegro Setúbal

The Process gives life to any project; for its magic, the people involved and the small or big steps taken until the final result. With a strategic approach very much associated with the Industry, the Genuino project was an unique approach to food court spaces. Here's an exclusive behind the scenes peek into the hard work and quality craftmanship that were involved in this project.

Behind the Scenes - Alegro Setúbal

Brainstorming, Moodboards and Development

As with any project, the process starts with a strategic analysis of the opportunities and challenges the project offered.
The Alegro Setúbal opening was the challenge proposed to create a furniture line based on an holistic approach, where we were responsible for the food court zone, indoor and outdoor signage, lighting, digital directory, digital table design and the exclusive Alegro furniture line.
Curious to see how we tackled this challenge? You can read more about our process here, or check out the process flow on Genuino Collection website.

Behind the Scenes - Alegro Setúbal

A Handmade process

We believe every single product should have high quality. In order to fully accomplish that, we found an amazing partner who would be willing to go the extra mile to deliver an excellent final product. That's why everything on Genuino collection is manually assembled and carefully controlled before shipping.

Behind the Scenes - Alegro Setúbal

Behind the Scenes - Alegro Setúbal

Alegro Setúbal, now the world

Because of the scope of the project, it didn't feel right to just deliver the furniture and end the project there. That's why we pushed forward to establish a valuable network of suppliers to launch the furniture line to the general public. Here's the result!

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