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Pedro is up to something

Pedro is Up to something

Good morning world.

Today I’m really excited to share Pedro is Up to Something is the first step to our new exciting ventures! www.pedroisuptosomething.com
We are getting closer to launch our first Kickstarter Campaign and another series of ventures that drive holistic innovation in Healthcare, Banking, Consumer goods and the Apple Watch.

At this pre-launch I wish to gather a leading network of people who love innovation and creativity. By having them join our platform www.pedroisuptosomething.com we’ll be sharing, exclusively with this community, early access to our ventures, behind the scenes and discount prices to our soon launching Kickstarter campaign.

This access will be exclusive to those who register in the next 30 days and here I stand to ask for your support in joining us here and sharing this journey with relevant people that have the same passion for innovation! From VC’s to design enthusiasts, leading managers to your closest friends feel free to share with them.

If you have as much free time as I do I made it simpler for you to share it with the world:

Send a short pre written email Here
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Share it on Facebook here

Thanks for your support, I look forward to have you on board of this journey and to share more news very soon!

Pedro is Up to Something

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