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When clients become great friends

When Clients become great friends | Pedro Gomes Design

I'm so excited to share what has been a fruitful innovation collaboration. Together with Artnovion we have been building, from ground zero, a premium international Brand Experience.

Founded by CEO Jorge Castro, an inspiring leader who became a great friend, it all started with an innovation open brief and a challenging time frame. From the very first day we’ve been designing every client touch point, from distributors, retailers to architects and enthusiasts.

The moment when a client becomes a great friend is the precise melting point when Design meets Empathy and magic happens! Listening to Jorge’s vision and contagious passion, it was an inspiring journey to translate his passion and feelings into a unique and premium brand soul and design vision.

Artnovion by Pedro Gomes Design

Driving cross platform innovation in all touch-points our work scope has a deep holistic approach. In the last months we’ve been shaping the brand soul through Strategy, Web, Mobile, Print, Video, Packaging, Communication and Photography (see more here) .

In this innovation journey, today we are happy to share Artnovion's latest UX touchpoint.  Really proud to present Impulso Acoustics - Artnovion's first app for high accuracy acoustic performance reading.

Impulso by Pedro Gomes Design

Impulso is the ultimate Artnovion's digital touchpoint, delivering a disruptive UX where users can measure the acoustic response of any room using their iPhone.The acoustic performance can be optimized by digitally testing Artnovion’s products and, in real-time, evaluate the acoustic performance impact of Artnovion’s products.

Impulso by Pedro Gomes Design

Impulso becomes the perfect tool for acoustic enthusiasts recommending the best product for your space leveraging a unique strategic value for the brand portfolio, positioning and growing User Experience.

Impulso by Pedro Gomes Design

Impulso by Pedro Gomes Design

As a creative director at www.pedrogomesdesign.com, a friend of very good clients and a strategy consultant there is nothing like the moment when you see great clients become great friends. When people speak the same language and almost mind read each other. The moment when innovation almost drives effortless through mindset and strategic thinking. People, friends and teams who have the vision to design not more, but better! A team who trusts their innovation partners and together keep challenging, to the highest level, where and what an industry can innovate.  Thank you Jorge, Thank you Artnovion, Thank you team Pedro Gomes Design! Lets keep pushing the limits of innovation. Looking forward to keep finding friends like Jorge!

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