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Jury at Graduation ISD – Rubika India


In November 2015 it was a pleasure to be invited as a Jury member to attend the final graduation at ISD - Rubika India - one of the best design schools in India, under the international umbrella of ISD - France.

At Pedro Gomes Design, in the last years we’ve welcome many students from ISD India and ISD France and this year it was a major pleasure to meet most of them. Next to companies like Whirlpool, GSK, Harman, Harley Davidson and Tata Motors, I was one of the invited Jury members together with an inspiring group of leading managers.


The experience was an amazing journey filled with great memories & moments which I’m happy to share with you.

For those who know India - You will understand this. For those who don´t I will try to express the feeling. As soon as you arrive in India, you know you've arrived in India! The weather, the aromas, the people, the language, the head nodding, the way time is perceived, the colors, the graphics and last but not least the traffic - which is the ultimate feeling of “organized caos”.


The day after our arrival at the hotel, the welcoming at DSK was an epic moment with a very traditional reception, which I had the pleasure to be the first to experience. It was a funny mix of feelings and an enjoyable moment to celebrate the tradition behind it and, of course, the final funny look.

After a brief presentation of each company, the following days were full of emotion, networking, great food and of course the final and impressive set of presentations for all graduating students, including our amazing designer Pauline who blasted with a truly professional & immersive presentation.

It was an amazing honor to be part of this ISD network and look forward to more of these opportunities.

See you soon.

Pedro Gomes
Creative Director and Design Manager


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