April 28, 2017 - Comments Off on Reflection on how creatives & designers apply to design jobs.

Reflection on how creatives & designers apply to design jobs.

Leading the studio PGD — Pedro Gomes Design we usually go through the long and hectic process of hiring people (not portfolios). We are now a team of 12 people and the more we recruit the more I think there is generation gap that urgently needs to re-think the way they see the world; the way they own it and, most important, the way they lead their life.

We’ve had the best applications ever but we’ve also had to deal with some crazy stories — you can listen to both of them in our facebook live video when speaking at ENED (sorry, it’s only in Portuguese)

In this process of interviewing, listening, shaping and recruiting, somehow, I get the feeling that some people forget, they are the one’s truly responsible for who they become. They are the fundamental start of their future and they need to wake up and take it to the next level.

As a leader obsessed with loving and over-delivering in everything I do, it drives me wild feeling that somehow some people have reached the common sense that an application is just sending an email; somehow they think just replacing the headline and name of the company is customizing the application; somehow some designers still think they can send applications without portfolios and somehow, some don’t really care how they do it or why they do it.

The more this happens the more I worry.

I got so crazy about this bad application standard that I decided to go out & do my best to try to change it! How?

Every year I’m blessed to give speeches at events and universities around the world (It’s my way to give back and inspire the future generation) so in 2017 I decided to focus all conferences in Universities on one theme:

“How to Apply to a Design Studio”

A conference designed to drop a reality slap and help students and designers to wake up and realize they need to take their sh#t to the next level!

In this wake up call there are two main drivers:

01 — Finding deep purpose in life and at your job

At the core of these soul-less applications is the fact that many people don’t really care where they work or why they do what they do. This needs to change! We spend more then 50% of our time working, so we better be truly happy with what we do.

People need to find deep in their hearts what they’d love to do and then, with who they’d love to work with. Only then you can find a workplace where you and the team will resonate as one.

“Take the time to research, think, analyze and find the dream company you’d really like to work with and apply with passion and creativity” — see point 02

This is your first step to nail your dream job and being happy 24/7 with what you do.

02 — Being truly creative with everything you do (after all that is what you studied for).

If people study 5 or more years to be great creatives I still don’t get why application stay limited to emails and boring letters and CV’s.

“It’s time to get creative. The competition is huge . Go wild and surprise!”

My first conference was at ENED 2017 — Portugal. It was a harsh really slap talk but feedback was so great I decided to gather 10 actionable insights in a pdf document so that anyone in the world can read and share.

It all starts with tip #1:

#1 — Apply like you give a sh#t;

Make sure you apply to something you really care because if you love everything you do in life, life & people will give back to you.


Download the 10 tips


Don’t hesitate to share with anyone you believe it’s relevant. I hope this helps them / you to change the way they shape their future!

Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded!

Check out the article where you can download the tips:

How to Apply for a design job: 10 essential tips.
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