May 12, 2017 - Comments Off on Designing the future of Design @ Design Bulldozer – Estonia

Designing the future of Design @ Design Bulldozer – Estonia

2017 = Bigger Challenges = Greater Impact

Today starts another amazing journey and key element to lead, scale and manage design strategic value integration in Europe's organizations.

Super thrilled to share I've been invited to work as one of two International Design Managers for Design for Europe program - Design Bulldozer - led by Estonian Design Center and starting tomorrow in Tallinn - Estonia.

Design Bulldozer is a development program for businesses where experienced design managers help companies use & implement design as a strategic advantage for each companies specific context, challenges and goals.

Truly honored to see our holistic design vision at Pedro Gomes Design recognized and to join the amazing movement Design for Europe and Estonia Design Center are leading. Step by step I’m sure we’ll be able to enhance Europe’s perception of Design as an holistic strategic tool for businesses to increase its competitiveness and capacity to deliver powerful & measurable results.

Estonian Design Center, has been developing an extensive work to embed Design deeply in Estonia roots, making a remarkable work to position Estonia in the front line of Europe’s Design. It's fortunate to see this is not Design Bulldozer first edition and the previous editions had interesting results!

After the program ended, the Estonian Design Centre identified 5 key changes in participating business:

  1. A shift in mindset and corporate culture;
  2. An understanding that design can be used to create additional value;
  3. More effective product and service development;
  4. New target markets;
  5. Long term increased profit, gross margin and market share.
Check out the Design for Europe Case Study here and see the Design Bulldozer film here.

I’m looking forward to help taking these 5 changes to the next level in this new edition and very excited to work closely with Estonia's leading companies and 14 selected design managers. In a mixture of workshops, training and collaboration led by Attention-Group, design managers we’ll be working directly with companies’ senior management in two stages:

  1. Design audit and project framing.
  2. Design process and development

It’s a privilege and an honor to work closely with such an inspiring country as Estonia who "in January 2012 Estonia became the first country in Europe with a dedicated national design policy. The National Action Plan for Design was the culmination of more than a decade of advocacy and policy development which included the creation of the Estonian Design Centre in 2008.”

Read full article here

Since my first visit to Estonia for our PGD Holistic Innovation Masterclass at Buildit Accelerator, and later to be part of the Jury Panel for the Bruno National Design Award & speak at Tallin Design Festival, I left truly impressed with the mindset, collaborative culture and innovation drive.

Building on the inspiration from my previous visits and adding to what Design Bulldozer aims to achieve I'm inspired with a great question that keeps floating in my head:

 What can Portugal and other countries learn from Estonia?

Super excited to join Design Bulldozer program I look forward to share my experience and help build bridges between Design and Business. There is great work to be done and it’s a pleasure to work with the best to help shape the future of Design.

Can’t wait for the next steps and to share the journey!

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