driven by great challenges

we create business value

A team passionate about everything they do.

We are a strategic and award-winning design studio founded by
Designer & Entrepreneur Pedro Gomes.


The Studio


Driven by great challenges and passionate about strategy, we love working with great people. We get up everyday to create beautiful design and meaningful innovation. With a small but energetic team of talented people our business is dedicated to really care about our clients!  

We obsess about all the details and together with a group of visionary international clients; we create business value through integrated Design, Research and Strategy


Pedro Gomes

Pedro Gomes is an award winning Designer, Entrepreneur and Full Time dreamer.
With a holistic approach to Design, Pedro is passionate about everything he does. He has an impressive and successful track record working with innovative startups, international brands and private clients. 

Working globally from Aveiro Pedro and his team have developed an impressive series of entrepreneurial projects that enable global design impactAs full time dreamer and creative director of his studio he loves pushing the boundaries of Design, leveraging the power of design strategy to deliver, cross-platform innovation and meaningful experiences.

Global Innovation

We have the pleasure to work with worldwide clients.

What we do


Using dynamic collaborative processes we partner with our clients to drive innovation together and challenge every step of the process.


We translate research results into strategic creative insight, creating disruptive market opportunities through quality informative data.


With a multidisciplinary approach we love to design beautifully innovative Products from concept to market. We have an established network for engineering support.


We love to translate our products stories into engaging brands and communication strategies by offering Strategy, Branding, Communication & Web Design.

How we do it


Our approach is multidisciplinary and we thrive on solving complex problems that result in holistic design solutions

We use Research, Product Design, Branding and Communication design as our tools to connect the invisible to the visible and discover insights that deliver holistic experiences.

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More than 15 international 

awards & conferences



2014 | Invited speaker at TEDx Luanda

2014 | Invited speaker at Artes e Ofícios - New Business Models

2013 | Invited Juri at Pitch Boot Camp 2013

2013 | Invited speaker at - Ignite 2013

2013 | Exhibition Museum Serralves - POP 2013

2013 | Museum Serralves - POP 2013

2013 | Invited speaker at - ENED 2013 (Encontro Nacional de Estudantes de Design 2013)

2013 | Invited speaker at - Marketing Conferences - Atualiza-te 2013

2012 | Invited Juri at Pitch Boot Camp 2012

2012 | E_Turbine presented at MIT - E3 _Forum International Conference

2012 | E_Turbine presented at MIT Energy Night Portugal 2012 - "International event that showcases the most exciting research happening in Portugal"

2012 | Invited speaker at the Faculty of Architecture - UTL with the conference presentation "Uma conferência à tua medida"

2011 | Invited speaker at the International Conference "Energy Harvesting and Storage"

2010 | IF Concept Award Exhibition

2009 | Invited speaker at the conference - "1ª Semana do Design Industrial” | Universidade da Beira Interior

2008 | Sign Design Society Awards Exhibition

Our business model


We work under temporary or long term consultancy contracts that leverage the best innovation process for our clients.


Passionate about challenges we partner with disruptive new ventures based on equity or profit sharing business models


We partner with potential clients in the discovery of disruptive ideas, driving business transformation through partnership ventures,

What's your challenge?

Let’s talk.

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+351 234 047 017 | +351 969 298 861


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