Senior Industrial Designer

We are Hiring.

Driven by great challenges, we create business value by merging Industrial Design, Branding and Growth into one visionary approach.
To fulfill our ambitions, we are now expanding our team. If you share our passion for building better products, we really look forward to hearing from you!
The PGD team.
Full-time Senior Industrial Designer with minimum 5 years experience.
We’re looking for a super talented senior Industrial Designer who is passionate about creating purposeful and engaging products that people love to use and brands love to grow.
As a senior designer, you will bring your experience to reinforce our Industrial Design squad within our cross-disciplinary environment bridging with Branding and Growth. You will have the exciting opportunity to lead Industrial Design projects from brief to market.
Beyond making great products, you will also have the chance to contribute to creating new brands from scratch. To do so, you will collaboratively be involved in building global strategies that you will translate into action.
Your deep and continuous involvement following this multi-expertise approach will be the key to ensure our clients a successful and sustainable growth.
  • You love the craft for more than 5 professional experience years (ideally in a creative studio/agency).
  • You are crazy about the user, the product, the form, the proportions and you can’t sleep until you nailed all those nitty details.
  • Your portfolio demonstrates an extensive track record of successful results, conceptualizing and developing great products that are out there for sale.
  • Proven experience in IOT, smart,, connected products with HMI mixing physical and digital user experience.
  • Examples that show good understanding of how CMF provides a better product experience.
  • Always with an eye on the user, your portfolio showcases how you translate user insights into design development.
  • You are able to face feasibility challenges and follow manufacturing and engineering constraints in your designs.
  • Full proficiency in 3D modelling in Solidworks, rendering on  Keyshot and Adobe Suite.
  • Hands-on skills such as sketching, physical model making and prototyping.
  • Examples of projects where you helped building or following Product Design Language guidelines are a plus.
  • You are assertive and inspire an energetic and collaborative spirit within a team; Team Leadership skills is a plus.
  • You like to challenge the obvious and disrupt the status-quo internally and with our clients.
  • Organized and able to manage multiple projects in a fast-paced, results-oriented context.
  • Proactive, self-directed and naturally keen on developing new competencies autonomously.
  • Excellent visual, verbal and written communication skills.
  • You are fluent in both spoken and written English.
Culture, Mindset and Work:
  • You will join an inspiring work environment located in the center of Aveiro and integrate an international (India, France, Portugal) driven, dynamic and supportive team.
  • You will have the exciting opportunity to lead Industrial Design in our cross-industry projects, working with an ultra collaborative mindset for innovative and forward-thinking clients based in Portugal and across the globe.
  • Together with our clients, we understand the power of design to lead positive change in the world. Using our core expertise and international reach, our long-term vision is to help bring meaningful and sustainable impact in our society. We are already involved across different verticals and we look forward to welcoming you. It's just the beginning!
  • You will have the unique opportunity to join us in an exponential growth phase, be part of our internal and external transformation, and help us drive an ambitious vision!
  • Following our Kaizen mindset & culture, you will be empowered to grow in your own expertise and to develop new competencies!
Employee Package:
  • Salary proportional to your expertise.
  • Monthly gym subscription.
  • Access to intensive training programs run by experts in topics of high relevance for our industry.
If our vision resonates with your ambitions, we really look forward to seeing your application!
Did you decided to apply?
Tell us your story (be creative & bold on how you do it). Here are some topics we think are important but feel free to add/ build on top so you can reflect your true value / purpose / objectives:
  • What do you expect in your next leap?
  • Why do you want to work with us? What is the value you can bring?
  • What really excites you? What is your passion? What type of work would you like to work on in the future?
  • Give us a broad view of the type of work/responsibility you had in your previous experiences.
  • Select one or two case studies and show in depth your process and thinking (we are very process / strategy driven so understanding your thinking is core for us).
  • Great personality and mindset are essential for us. Make your application personal, genuine and unique.
Overall, think of this as your first challenge and how you can surprise us!

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