Envisioning the future of home entertainment.

MODU is a customisable TV ecosystem that envisions the future of telecoms' entertainment systems by merging the latest technology (voice control, air mouse, smart textiles, integrated resonance charging, RFID) with a modular design construction.


Paradigm Shift

Tech4home, a leading OEM for Global Telecoms, approached us with an open brief to envision the future of the television experience. A context where plastic and glass have become a common standard, MODU’s unique feature lies in its ability to shape solutions that adapt to people, humanise technology while blending in with living spaces. With an innovative approach, users become more connected to their products through touch, feel and customisation.

Soft shape. Warm sensation.


Minimal design highligts clear functionality.


The final design was informed by research based on user insights, data analysis and market/technological trends that revealed both the need and opportunity for a inclusive product with high adaptability for different users but also different Telecom brands. Together with Tech4home expertise, through a comprehensive industrial design and engineering process with quick feedback loops we then developed this concept to a close to market stage.

Merging the strategy with the drive to create an iconic ecosystem that blends with the surrounding environment, the MODU Ecosystem is an integrated solution for telecom companies to create modular and customisable interfaces. It shapes a new business model for key players in the industry, providing a disruptive market opportunity for companies and a custom solution for end users.

Same remote. Different interfaces.


User at the heart of everything.

_MODU appeals to the senses where warm textiles wrap around soft shapes, providing a comfort that fits perfectly not only in the hands but also in the living room.


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