Swirl is a user focused design that simplifies washing in developing countries. Swirl not only makes clothes washing easier as it makes it fun and an enjoyable moment for everyone!

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Allowing easy transportation from and to distant water supply areas, the spherical design makes it possible to play with the product while the embossed swirl pattern improves de washing rubbing action inside the sphere.

Developed at designaffairs GmbH.

Simple interface

The overall design resembles a ball containing a swirled sphere shaped basket and lid, connected to a steel tube handle. Washing is accomplished through the rotation of the washing ball - using long distance travelling to and from water supply to wash the clothes.

Easily transported

At home, after the basket is filled with clothes, the lid should be screwed and the handle locked in. Transportation can easily be done by pulling or pushing the handle.

Laundry can be fun

By just detaching the handle, Swirl´s spherical design allows washing to be a playful moment for everyone

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